What type of photography do you shoot?

I shoot mainly families, children, newborns, and maternity.  I also shoot senior portraits.

What should I wear for the photo shoot?

It depends on the type of shoot.  For newborns and maternity, I recommend soft colors, fabrics, textures.  You will be snuggling with your new baby for many of the photos… so something soft, simple, and natural looks best to me.  Think soft greys, ivory or cream, pale blue or pink, oatmeal, etc.  Also picture the photos hanging in your baby’s nursery.  If the colors are soft and muted, go with that same color scheme.  If the nursery is fun and colorful… that would look great in the photos.   For family photos… pick something that suits your family.  Everyone doesn’t have to match exactly — choose 2-3 colors (neutrals such as white, black, denim, etc don’t count).  For example — navy blue, light blue, and green.  Have everyone wear colors based off of your palette … again it doesn’t have to match exactly.  Lay all of your clothes on the bed… if they look good laying next to each other, they will look great in the photos.  Don’t be afraid to add accessories — fun colorful flats or scarves are a great way to incorporate the color scheme.  Layering looks great in photos – especially on kids.  Check out Crew Cuts or Gap Kids for inspiration — they show great examples of layering.  I am happy to work with you before the shoot to give input.

What if my kids don’t cooperate?

First of all… don’t be anxious about that.  Kids pick up on energy, and your anxiety may be more likely to cause them to be out of sorts.  Second of all… don’t stress them out telling them if they don’t behave they are going to get in trouble.  You don’t even have to tell them they are going to have their picture taken.  A lot of times I play games with them, sing songs (my apologies in advance for my horrible singing skills), etc.  The more fun they are having, the more natural their (and your) smiles will be.  So don’t stress out and don’t stress them out before the shoot — just be ready to have fun!  With that being said – everyone has a bad day.  We will try as BEST as we can to get some great photos despite bad moods.  Often times parents are amazed at the smiles and laughter that happened on a shoot (in the photos) in between bouts of tantrums and tears.  Brings snacks, drinks, etc can help because sometimes it’s just a matter of being hungry or needing a break from the shoot.  Bribes work too… if you are okay with that.

When will my photos be ready?

Your private online gallery will be ready within 3 weeks.  During that time, I take my time to go through each photo to find the best of the best.  I professionally edit each image presented to you in your gallery.

How long is my gallery open?

Your gallery will remain open for 4 weeks.

How many images will be in my gallery?

For family sessions… expect about 35 high quality images.  For newborn sessions, expect 40-50 high quality images.  For a mini session expect about 15 images (*mini sessions only offered for maternity session in conjunction with a newborn session, or during certain times of the year that I offer mini sessions such as the holidays).

You took a lot more pictures than that… can I see the rest of them?

Yes I take a TON of pictures.  There are a lot of blinks, funny faces, squirming children, etc.  Trust me that I go through with a fine tooth comb to present the best of what we captured in your session.  I am looking for not only the best and most wonderful smiles, natural moments, etc… but also the best photographic quality.  As a photographer I am aiming to capture an amazing moment, and I want the image quality in its final form to be perfect.

Do you offer a refund?

Thankfully, I have never had anyone really ask this question.  But no, there are no refunds for sitting fees or products.  If there is a flaw in your product, I will GLADLY replace it free of charge.  If weather or other unforeseen circumstances interfere with the shoot, I will gladly reschedule to reshoot.

How quickly do my products arrive?

Once payment is received, your product order is placed.  Prints arrive within about 5 business days.  My custom cards and announcements arrive within about 3 business days.  Canvases and albums may take up to about 2 weeks.  I order all products through my vendors, and they are sent to me so I can inspect it’s quality and ensure it is perfect.  If I am shipping to you, allow for another 5 or so business days.  Some very large orders may take longer.  I ship your entire order all at once, so whatever takes the longest will determine how quickly your order is delivered to you.

Do you put photos on your website or Facebook?

I do choose some photos to display on my website (in my galleries or on my blog).  I own the rights to use the photos in whatever marketing manner I wish – website, marketing pieces, etc.  I will never use your child’s or family’s name.  I will typically put about 3 images of my Facebook business page.  I respect your privacy on Facebook, and if you do not want images on Facebook… please just let me know.  Again, I will not use your child’s name on Facebook.  If you do not wish to be tagged in the photos, please let me know.

Can you put up more (0r all) of the photos on Facebook?

I select a few images which I think capture the essence of the shoot.  I limit it to 3 images per shoot.  Once you have purchased prints or products, I will put a watermarked digital copy of images you purchase online (if you wish).

Can I print the images you put on Facebook or from the private online viewing gallery?

No.  They are copy written and I ask that you purchase the images that you wish to own in print.






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