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I loved seeing this beautiful girl for her 2 year old photo session.  I first met her for 1 year photos…. I can’t believe a whole year has passed!  She is just as beautiful and adorable as she was a year ago, and now she has an equally beautiful and adorable baby sister.  I loved capturing each of them individually, and especially loved the sister photos!  Here are a few of my favorites.Blog_E2Year001PINIMAGEBlog_E2Year002PINIMAGEBlog_E2Year003PINIMAGEBlog_E2Year004PINIMAGEBlog_E2Year005PINIMAGE

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Oh my gosh, could you not die looking at this sweet baby?  I just love her soft skin, chubby cheeks, and soft brown hair.  I wanted to steal her and not give her back.  I also loved catching up with her mom and dad.  They are doing great adjusting to life as a family of four… oh and top of that moving just a few weeks before their baby was born.  I don’t know how they are doing it all!!   Their two adorable girls make it all worth it though.  So many blessings for this family.  I loved capturing this wonderful time in their lives!

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures…


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I have loved photographing this family for the past FOUR years (how has it been that long?  the years really do fly).  They absolutely exude joy and love for each other.  It is impossible not to be happy when you are around them.  I am so excited that they will be welcoming a new baby boy in just a matter of weeks.  He is one lucky little boy to be joining into such a wonderful family.  Here are just a few of my favorite photos from our recent session….


Isn’t she GORGEOUS??!?!?!


I can’t wait to meet that sweet little boy!!

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I loved meeting this precious, precious little boy.  He is number three for this family (yet his mom still always looks amazing and DOES NOT look like she has ever given birth, much less a week ago to #3!), and he couldn’t be any more perfect.  I don’t think I heard him make a peep the entire time I was around him.   And I think he’s already sleeping more at night than my 7 month old baby.  I guess when you are number three, you know that you better be easy on your parents from the get go ;)   He is one lucky little boy… he has wonderful parents, two adorable big sisters, and last but certainly not least grandparents in town who all love him very much.

I loved being around this family…they had me laughing and smiling the entire time.  I just wanted to hang out all day, but kept reminding myself that they DO have a newborn baby and do not want to be around me for any longer than they would have to.  It’s just so easy to forget there is a newborn because he was so quiet and easy going, the mom looks so beautiful, and everyone was so relaxed and happy.  Much different than my first weeks as a mom!  Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from our session.  Congratulations again to his wonderful family!  He is such a perfect blessing.


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Actually the title should be 6 months and 3 weeks because that’s almost how old Lainey is.  Life has been busy busy busy.  And every week brings a new milestone with L.  I don’t even know where to start!

I will start with milestones:

1.  Sleep.  This is huge.  She is still waking up about 2 times per night (usually around 11, then around 3).  This is an improvement over 3 times per night.  And the BIGGEST victory is she takes 2 naps a day at pretty regular times and for pretty consistent lengths.  She usually naps around 9:30 or 10 for about 1.5 hours and again around 1:30 or 2:00 for 1-2 hours.  This is such a huge step for us.  Having a semi-routine after months of absolutely no pattern or predictability is a welcome step for us!

2.  Food.  She didn’t love the rice cereal, so we kind of backed off for a few weeks and reintroduced solids again around the 6 month mark.  This time we tried with food, and she seems to like that better.  I am making my own baby food (which I find quite simple!) and so far she has liked peas, avocados, butternut squash, and pears.  She was not a fan of sweet potatoes.  She is eating usually 1 meal a day (sometimes we skip it) of about 2 T.  She has gotten good at taking bites of food and seems to enjoy it.

3.  MOVING.  She is JUST starting to crawl.  Pretty unbelievable.  She has been working on it and getting frustrated trying for several weeks now.  And within the past 3-4 weeks we’ve seen a new accomplishment almost every day.  Better balance sitting up, getting from sitting to crawling position, getting from stomach to sitting (a few times), lots of planks, scooting, and the beginnings of crawling.  It is so amazing to see her work on her new skills, and even more amazing at how quickly she is growing into a little toddler.

Overall, she is so happy.  She gets frustrated sometimes when she is struggling to do something she isn’t good at yet (and she whines when frustrated).  She also whines when tired or hungry.  She is not as bored now that she has more options… but she will whine and fuss a little if she is bored.  She loves sitting and reaching for all sorts of toys, especially anything that makes a crinkle or that she can bang on something.  She loves her jumparoo, going for walks, reading books, me singing songs to her, me helping her stand and simultaneously reaching for things on the ground, and watching our dog.

I was off with her weight in my last post… she is NOW almost exactly 20 lbs.  She isn’t gaining as quickly anymore, but is still 90th percentile for height and weight so she’s doing just fine ;)  She is quickly growing through her 6-12 month clothes and her 12 month pajamas are surprisingly snug on her!  She is a big baby.  She still is on a diet of only breastmilk + about 2 T of solids a day.

We just love her more and more each day.  I know it’s cliche, but so true.  It’s amazing to watch your baby evolve into a little person.  Part of me is so excited that things like talking and walking are around the corner, but the other part of me bursts out crying at how quickly this baby phase is flying by.  It’s unimaginable how much you can love this little person until you have one.  Her smile and laugh literally make my heart burst.

Here are some pictures from throughout the month.  I wasn’t as good about snapping everyday shots… I think life just felt too hectic and busy.  I did some “6 month” studio shots and some pictures with one of my friends from college’s baby while he was getting his 9 month photos.  My goal over the next few weeks is to be better about capturing the every day.



Nothing sweeter in the whole world…Blog_L6M002PINIMAGE


This “shoot” was kind of a bust… as pictured below all she wanted to do was pick up dirt/grass and eat it.  We called it a wrap very quickly!Blog_L6M003PINIMAGE


These rolls!! I could dieBlog_L6M004PINIMAGEBlog_L6M005PINIMAGEBlog_L6M006PINIMAGEBlog_L6M008PINIMAGEBlog_L6M009PINIMAGEBlog_L6M010PINIMAGEBlog_L6M011PINIMAGE


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