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Well… actually 5 months and a few weeks.  I’m a little late to the game with this update.  I have said it before and will say it again… every week is something new around here!  L is so full of smiles and personality.  She makes US smile all day every day (well except when she’s awake at night… I’m ready for that to be over).  I can’t believe how quickly the months are flying by.  She definitely doesn’t look or act like a new baby anymore… she has grown up so much within the past month it blows my mind.

There are a LOT of milestones going on right now.  She is sitting up by herself for long periods of time.  I always am close by or prop pillows all around because she will eventually topple over, but she is definitely getting good at balancing all by herself.  She is almost getting into the crawling position… I think we still have a ways to go before she is crawling, but she is working on it!  She definitely scoots around.  I will put her on her play mat and if I look away for a few minutes she will be in a completely different spot.  NO more leaving her on the bed while I am getting ready.  When your baby is on the brink of becoming mobile, suddenly you realize your whole house is a hazard.  I’m not looking forward to my worry-wart self kicking in with all of the sharp corners and power cords around here.  I’m going to remove all furniture and replace everything with bean bags.  I’m kidding… sort of.  We started her on rice cereal a little bit shy of 6 months.  She just seemed really ready.  She has been holding her head up with good neck control for a long time.  She studies us when we eat and was always trying to reach for the food.  She sometimes really likes the rice cereal and sometimes doesn’t.  I’m not sure if it has to do with tiredness, hunger, or what.  She isn’t quite the voracious eater that I thought she would be (yet).  Who knew rice cereal would be so messy by the way.  It turns into a paste like substance which winds up ALL over her body.  Her sleep has been quite disrupted lately and she will go from waking up 3 times in the night to sleeping almost through the night to everything else in between.  I’m getting a little weary from the 3 times a night wakings (which are more the norm than the sleeping through the night).  I feel bad for her though because she is cutting a tooth (or teeth?) so it explains a lot of that behavior.  Sometimes she will be practicing her “words” at full volume in the middle of the night, which is sort of cute, but also exhausting because we all just want (and need) to sleep.  Why don’t babies love to sleep??  I definitely do not have what you would call a “good sleeper”.  But naptime is getting easier.  My husband can even put her down in the crib awake and get her to eventually fall asleep on her own which is a bigger feat than landing a man on the moon for the first time.  You have no idea how much you will obsess over sleep until you have a baby.  Especially when you don’t have a good sleeper.  And I mentioned this, but her first tooth is coming in!  We figured she was teething because she would wake up screaming crying every now and then.  I hear the teeth “erupt” at night… so that makes sense.  Baby Tylenol has helped her on a few of those rough nights.  She also loves the cold teethy rings/toys/etc.  We can see and feel the little top of the tooth now!  I’m already sad to see that adorable gummy smile go.

She is loving playing in her new position – sitting up.  She will keep herself entertained for a while (with pillows all around to catch a topple).  She tires quickly of toys, so I have started giving her things around the house to explore.  I do my best to ensure they are baby proof, but obviously don’t leave her unattended.  The biggest hits are her baby brushes, my phone, and any food products with a crinkly package (granola bars, saltine backs, bags of chips, etc).  She also loves water bottles, ripping pages of old magazines, headbands, clothes, and anything else I think she won’t choke on, scratch herself with, etc.  I have heard when they are older tupperware is like the #1 favorite past time for children.   She is still loving walks in the jogging stroller, outings where she can see people/colors/new scenery/etc, bath time, books, and songs (especially ABC’s).  She is ticklish on her belly now which is SO cute.  My sister-in-law discovered that she likes peek-a-boo if you make a really exaggerated smile after the “boo”, so we do that a lot now.  She totally understands that if you “disappear” behind a blanket/pillow/whatever, that you are still there… and she will watch for you to reappear.  I think that’s pretty amazing that her little brain already comprehends things like that!!

I’m pretty sure she weighs over 20 lbs now and is in mostly 6-12  month clothes and 9 month pajamas.  Big baby!  I guess my breastmilk is potent stuff ;)  She still is on a diet of just breastmilk with the new addition of about 1-2 T of rice cereal a day.

I still get sad at how quickly she is growing up.  I can’t believe how quickly the baby stage flies by.  I am trying to soak up every minute of it and not always feel the need to multitask.   It’s hard when you are a working mom, especially when a good bit of my work is at my computer right near her little play area.  I try to segment off my time so I am fully present in either one task or the other, not jumping back and forth all the time.  Now is “play time” so I will play with her, sing to her, or just watch her play and explore with my full attention on her.  And then it’s “work time” where I let myself have uninterrupted periods to work (during nap time or her Dad or Gammie watch her).

Here are some of my favorite pictures from her 5 month photos:


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These past weeks have felt like every day is a new milestone!  We have seen the top of the first little tooth poke through, she is sitting up for longer and longer periods of time by herself, she smiles and laughs more than ever…. and she had her first trip to the beach!  Granted she is too young to really enjoy the beach, but I wanted to go before summer flew by.  We had so much fun.  We have learned that traveling with a baby is NOT the same.  The amount of cargo you must bring is obscene.  And there is no leisurely lounging in the sand all day.  No we must be concerned with shade, preventing her from eating 3 cups of sand, getting said sand off of everywhere after we got in, overheating, and so on.  With all that being said, it was still so much fun to relax and spend time as a family.

A few lessons… no more normal hotel rooms.  We made that mistake the first night and realized that after bedtime we had to sit there in silence and darkness.  So the next night we moved into a suite style room which was much better.  Rookie mistake.  I also am SO loving this GIANT bag I got from TJ Maxx (pictured below… burlap and teal striped).  It was like $20 and I got it while pregnant figuring it would be good for throwing odds and ends in… and I was right.  It holds so much, and we BROUGHT so much… so there ya go.  Much better than loose stuff rolling around your trunk or hauling 478 green bags with our odds and ends.


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Photo dumping again.  Same stuff, different day… busy, busy!  Lots of time outside.  Lots of time with our family and friends.  Lainey had her first overnight trip to Crystal River… she loved it and did great!  And we had fresh scallops to enjoy after our trip :)  She is starting to be able to sit up for short little periods of time.  And she loves practicing “walking”.  She scoots around when she is on her belly and is SO badly wanting to crawl.  This girl is ready to be on the move!



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Our little pumpkin is growing and changing every day… which means lots of new gear in the mix (and some gear to be retired…and sadly lots of cute clothes too).  Here are some of our recent favorites :



** Please note I did not take these pictures, I am using images from the internet from websites you can order the products from **

1.  Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

L loves practicing her standing/bouncing.  She also loves the new vantage point she has in her jumperoo.  We have it positioned in front of a floor length mirror so that adds an extra dimension of entertainment (staring at herself).

2.  BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller

This is a must have if you are a jogger.  I tried out another less expensive stroller and it felt like I was pushing a sled up hill (with no baby in it).  This one moves if you push it with your index finger.  It is so lightweight and smooth.  We aren’t really “jogging” yet in it, although I have taken L for a few SLOW jogs.  (Our pediatrician recommended about 6 months for jogging).  But walking is a daily occurrence.  When L seems restless and bored with everything, and momma needs a break as well… a little walk seems to do the trick.  She loves being outside.  Even in July.  In Florida.    So outside we go… anything for a happy baby, right?

3.  Teething rings

Yes I think the dreaded teething monster is upon us.  These are a big hit… especially after we have chilled them in the freezer.  Poor little gums must be hurting to want to gnaw on frozen plastic.

4. Swim float with canopy

We are loving the pool…it’s definitely the best option for spending time outside in the summer in Florida.  Since babies can’t wear sunscreen until they are at least 6 months old, a little float with a canopy is wonderful.  We don’t have this exact model because ours is a hand-me-down from my mom, but they all serve the same purpose.  Obviously you don’t leave your baby in this and swim laps, but it serves as great shade while y’all are in the pool together.

5.  Adorable bathing suit

Aren’t baby swim suits the best?  There is nothing cuter than some chubby legs and back fat in a swim suit… but only when it is on an infant.  Adults, cover that mess up.  We love ours from Janie and Jack, but I see cute ones every where I go.  We use Pampers swim diapers underneath (I tried the reusable swim diapers from Target, but they are always too tight on the thighs).   And rookie mistake, apparently the disposable swim diapers are designed to tear off despite being a pull-up style model.  So you don’t have to pull them down (poop smears galore).  The sides tear.  Don’t learn the hard way like I did.

6.  Lots of Links

These are great.  They are only like $5 and are so versatile.  We clip a bunch together to attach toys to her stroller or car seat.  That way she can still get them to her mouth to chew on, but the toy can’t be launched from her seat.  She also likes to chew on the links themselves, so when the toys go missing a row of links can entertain her.   We actually started using these around 2-3 months… but I am just now getting around to mentioning them.

Well that about sums it up!  I’m learning quickly that nothing stays the same for more than a few weeks, so by the time I publish this some of this will have already changed.  She keeps us on our toes for sure !





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I had so much fun with this family for our third photo shoot.  The first was when the littlest one was in momma’s belly, the second was right after he arrived, and now… fast foward to a year later and he is a little toddler who is laughing, clapping, studying his brother’s every move, and just starting to walk.  His older brother has grown up so much within the last year too.  He is full of curiosity, personality, and contagious smiles.  I love watching families grow.  It’s crazy how quickly the years go.

We had so much fun exploring this field… it was one giant bug hunt for the boys!  It’s amazing how your perspective on the world changes when little ones are around.  Suddenly you spot all sorts of bugs and critters to point out.  I love how much joy a stick and a bug can bring a little boy!  Here  are a few of my favorite images.


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