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I loved meeting this sweet boy and his wonderful family for our newborn photo session.  He is absolutely precious… he has the softest skin you have ever seen.  And the most precious soft blonde hair.  (  It is easy to see where those genes come from ;)  )  I could have stared at him and snuggled with him for days.  It is so obvious how much his parents adore him.  They absolutely exuded love for all of their children.   Thank you to his wonderful parents for letting me be a part of such a special time in your family’s lives.  I hope you love your pictures as much as I loved taking them!


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I loved meeting this adorable baby boy at our photo shoot.  His smooshy cheeks and lips are to die for.  And his perfect baby skin and gorgeous head of hair… he is one precious baby.  He slept literally the entire time, which is a photographer’s and a parent’s dream!  We didn’t hear a peep from him the entire time.  There is nothing sweeter than a peacefully sleeping baby.  His parents are complete naturals… it is obvious he is a lucky boy.  I have a feeling that he will be the envy of his friends with all of the hunting trips he will go on with his dad.   I am so excited to share some of my favorites from our session.  To his sweet parents, thank you so much for letting me share in such a special time for your family.



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This is one beautiful baby girl.  I just love some chubby cheeks…. and her dark hair….and her soft skin.  I could go on and on (but I think there is no need… you can see what I mean in the photos!)  She is SO precious in the pictures and in person.  I definitely stole some snuggles with her (and considered not giving her back to her mom!)     This shoot was primarily of the baby , but mom jumped in for a few towards the end.  I have loved editing her session because I love looking at her sweet face all day.  Thank you to her wonderful parents for letting me be a part of this wonderful time in their family’s lives.


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Little Miss L is growing quickly.  I am amazed at how much STUFF a little baby needs/requires.  Before she was born, I vowed to be a minimalist mom who didn’t accumulate unnecessary stuff.  But then you have a fussy baby, and you through the towel in and will do anything to keep her amused, happy, and calm.

Here are some of our favorites for the last 2 months:


* please note, I did not take these pictures.  I am using images from websites where you can order these products from *

1. Sandra Boynton books 

We love to read books, and these seem to be the perfect mix of bright colors and bold shapes for L to look at, great cadence to the stories, and just the perfect length.  Oh and added bonus, they also serve as chew toys.

2.  Dohm sound machine

We love this sound machine.  Since L graduated from needing extreme white noise (the hair dryer), but our house is like 3 square feet and apparently has great acoustics because I swear you can hear a pin drop.  I didn’t realize this until after she was here.  You never realize how much noise you make doing… well everything… until you have a light sleeper.  And everyone says “Oh don’t tip toe around because then you create a light sleeper”.  No she came out that way.  I’m positive.  She sleeps deeply at night.  But she doesn’t for naps, which happens to coincide with when you would, oh I don’t know, want to eat lunch or something that requires clanking and banging.

3.  Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP car seat

I  LOVE this car seat.  It is so nice and classy looking.  I love that they have solid colors as opposed to generic baby patterns.  The leather (faux leather?) seats are so nice… we never have exposed skin stuck to the car seat.  I also feel like I get a pat on the back for ordering the cream color (like the one in the picture) because it stays surprisingly cool.  The ONE drawback is this son of a gun is heavy.  I’m talking with my giant baby in it, I get quite the workout.  But that is actually a plus because I don’t have time to lift weights anymore.

4.  Sleep Sacks

Since we no longer swaddle at night, these are great to provide a wearable blanket for nighttime.  I especially love this aden and anais one.  It is so nice and lightweight.  An added bonus, just when you think there is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby, for some reason a baby in a little wearable sleeping bag takes it up a notch.

5.  Bath time!

Okay so we tried out a few tubs.  We used the Puj tub for the first few weeks, but our bathroom sinks aren’t quite deep enough for it to work past a certain size.  This one is a hand me down from my mom (who has stuff at her house for visiting grandchildren).  We are pleased with it.  L has outgrown needing the little netting and just sits on the ledge in the center of the tub.  She just LOVES her bath.  She splashes her arms around.  Even if she was fussing 10 minutes earlier, she is content and calm in her bath.  It helps get her (and us) on the path to wind down for bedtime.   And it is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen… little naked baby splashing around.  We love the Noodle & Boo body wash (not pictured).

6.  Pottery Barn hooded bath towels

These are purely for cuteness.  Just trust me.  It will melt your heart on a nightly basis to see your baby wrapped in a towel with little animal ears on the hood part of the towel.

7.  The Wonder Weeks

I stumbled upon this online when googling stuff on my phone…. confused as to why I all of a sudden had an exceptionally fussy, clingy baby who was hysterical if you put her down (when last week she was happy as could be).  This seemed to make A LOT of sense to me… “Wonder Weeks”.  In a nutshell, basically they are periods of growth spurts for the baby’s mind/cognitive development.  Somewhere I read an analogy that it’s like if you have a test or important meeting the next day, you are up all night tossing and turning rehearsing it in your mind.  Same goes for babies when they are mastering a new skill.  Their sleep is disrupted, and I guess that is what makes them fussy and clingy during the day??  I don’t know all of the science behind it, all I know is that it helped me to makes sense of sudden “rough patches” with regards to sleep patterns and moods.

8.  Our dog

This actually is not a picture of our dog, Robbie (a girl dog named Robbie fyi)… but is a strikingly similar mini Australian Shepherd dog.  I guess Robbie has a doppelganger.  I put this here, because Lainey is all of a sudden FASCINATED with watching Robbie’s every move.  I mean fascinated.  It’s so precious.  She wants to pet (aka pull Robbie’s hair)… and sweet little Robbie puts up with it for a few seconds before scurrying off.  She is kind of learning to stand close enough so I can pet her but far enough away that she is out of arm reach for L.  Smart little pup.  I know they will be best buds soon… especially with L can throw the ball and play fetch with her!!


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I have been photographing this beautiful little girl since she was a newborn… and she is almost 3!  The years have flown by.  It has been AMAZING to have the opportunity to watch her grow from a precious newborn to an adorable 3 year old.  She is smart, beautiful, and sweet.. and her little smile and giggle will melt your heart.  Her family is so special to me.   I really do grow close to the families I photograph again and again.    Thank you to her wonderful parents for letting me be a part of your family’s lives.

We had such a fun time in Mount Dora for this shoot.  We lucked into lots of unplanned props… a pet bird, several dogs (complete with one who performed tricks to help Z laugh and smile), and of course some beautiful weather.  I love just hanging out and watching a 3 year old explore and play.  She gives great hugs to her mom and dad and LOVES her grandpa.  He definitely got some good smiles and laughs too (along with the dogs doing tricks!).  It was such a fun morning.  I think that definitely shows through in the pictures.



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