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I loved meeting this sweet baby when she was just a week old.  She is absolutely precious.  I didn’t see right away, but once I was photographing just her ALL I could notice is how much she looks like her father.  I think she definitely is his mini me!  I’m always amazed at how well my clients are doing with a brand new baby.  I think I was a hot mess when my baby was a week old.  These two were so relaxed and happy… they didn’t seem frazzled or exhausted at all (if they were, they were hiding it well).  I think being parents suits them quite well!  It’s easy to see how in love with their baby girl they are.



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I can’t believe our little pumpkin is already 4 months old.  This has been the most wonderful 4 months of my life (I may not have shared that same sentiment when she was about 4 weeks old!)  Yes it’s at times exhausting.  Yes it’s all consuming.  But (and I know this is cliche) it’s so worth it.  Sometimes while I’m rocking her to sleep and I’m able to just pause (because I’ve stopped taking my phone in with me while I do that!) I realize this is the happiest I’ve ever been.  It’s easy to try to multitask my days away (I am the queen busy body who loves to be doing 16 things at once)…. and because I am with her all day most every day, I HAVE to multitask to get anything done.  And that’s fine!  But I am trying to be better about making myself stop at least some of the day to just watch my baby learn and explore… to stare at her little chubby wrists… to melt over her smile and her facial expressions.  Because (another cliche, but so true) it goes SO quickly.

She loves (for short periods) her play mat, putting anything and everything in her mouth, sitting or standing (assisted), people watching, being held perched over my shoulder, her Mam pacificers, watching our dog ALL the time, being read to/talked to/sung to, bath time, reading (eating) books, babbling/cooing/even laughing, and going on walks.  Recently her morning nap has kind of appeared (this is huge… she has not been a good napper up until this point) and I can actually put her down in her crib and she stays asleep (hallelujah!).  Her bedtime routine has been established for a while… she goes to bed usually between 7-7:30.  Her waking was all over the map for a few weeks (4 month sleep regression?) but now is back to typically around 3:15, then back to sleep until she wakes for the day at about 6:30.   We weighed her on our home scale at home (the I weigh her holding me, then weigh myself alone and subtract method… not the MOST accurate but oh well).  She weighs 17.2 lbs!  Quite the chunk!  She is on a diet right now of exclusively breast milk… although I think she might be ready for something more sooner than 6 months.

Milestones include rolling over from both back to stomach and stomach to back.  She doesn’t do it ALL the time, but is getting better and better at it.  She also has recently started laughing which is about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  The morning nap is a huge milestone and victory for us.  Before about 3.5 months she was such a cat napper, and typically only napped when being held/rocked.  So to be able to have her fall asleep, put her in the crib, and have her remain asleep – this is huge people.  For that I have no tips except that I think she just grew into being ready for it.  I didn’t do anything differently… it just took patience.  I have always been appreciative that for a while she has gone down at night pretty easily and sleeps pretty well at night.  I don’t mind a little night waking as long as she goes back down easily.  The night waking where she would be wide awake ready to play… that is no fun.

A few things that have been helpful for me to learn about were growth spurts (it explained otherwise unexplainable crankiness/change in patterns/constant needing to eat) and about Wonder Weeks.  Google it.  I am no expert, but it basically involves growth spurts of their minds.  It also can explain otherwise unexplainable crankiness/changes in sleeping and eating patterns/needing to be held ALL THE TIME/etc.  We definitely have had a few of those days/weeks!  Then she’s back to her normal happy self.

Some things I’ve learned in this motherhood journey so far (I will spare you the sappy stuff ):  I had no idea how big of a deal it would feel to put on concealer and mascara.  That is like getting SUPER dolled up lately.  I also had no idea that 6 hours of broken sleep a night would be doable.  Before i was a 8 hour a night girl!   Meal planning has become part of our household as it is NOT EASY to just run into the store for 1 or 2 things anymore.  So if it’s not purchased on Saturday, we may just make do without it.  Sometimes I will run back in on Wednesday or Thursday while my mom has her.   Running errands with an infant is not fun or easy.  I had no idea how much one could accomplish in a 1 hour nap window.  NO more dilly dallying for me.  I get right down to business and get more accomplished in that one hour than I used to in a full day.  I would say sometime in the last month (between 3 – 4 months) I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of being a mom.  Not that I was terrible at it before, just that I kind of have a little bit of a routine (despite the fact we have no strict schedule here!)   I Love this new role of mine.

Here are a few pictures I took of her at a little 4 month “photo shoot”.  I’m guilty of taking far too many photos with my iPhone and not enough with my real camera, and I’m trying to be better.  Even if it’s just snap shots that are full of imperfections (I’ve included lots of those down below also).  I just want to be able to remember every detail of her at this stage forever.  Pictures are the best way to do that!L_4months004PINIMAGEL_4months005PINIMAGEL_4months006PINIMAGEL_4months007PINIMAGEL_4months008PINIMAGEL_4months009PINIMAGEL_4months010PINIMAGEL_4months003PINIMAGEL_4months002PINIMAGEL_4months001PINIMAGE


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Photo dumping time!  We have been busy lately… family visiting, trips to the pool, lots of walks, lots of time outside (despite the heat).  Summer is in full force.  L loves outings… people watching, changes of scenery, being outside (even just our back yard).  She gets bored and restless if it’s just me doing my song and dance to try to entertain her.  I don’t blame her it’s pretty awful.  I love watching her watch people.  She sometimes gets excited when something strikes her fancy and flaps her arms around.  When she first “meets” someone, she wants to grab their face…. and also go in for a good hair pull.  Hence my constant ponytail.  And by constant, I mean CONSTANT.Blog_LifeLately001PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately002PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately003PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately006PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately007PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately008PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately009PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately010PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately011PINIMAGEBlog_LifeLately012PINIMAGE


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I was beyond excited when I found out one of my lifelong dearest friends was pregnant at the same time as me… and then to find out she was also having a baby girl!!  She and I have been friends for as long as I remember… so our babies are destined to be best friends.

Baby M is absolutely precious.  She is a tiny little newborn.  Petite and perfect in every way.  I loved seeing her parents love on her.  Her Mamaw even came to help (and be in a few precious photos).  I can tell one thing… this baby girl is surrounded by love.  Congratulations to her entire family.


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