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      Cummings School scientists launch a study to better understand the novel coronavirus and how it may infect pets and other domestic animals

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      A Future Veterinarian with a Vision lol竞猜官网

      While India Napier, V20, attended at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, she channeled her passion for diversity and inclusion into a STEM program for under-privileged elementary students.

      Social distancing should include pets too, new CDC guidelines say lol竞猜官网

      Postdoctoral scholar Kaitlin Sawatzki talked to Boston Herald about CDC guidelines that recommend social distancing measures for pets.

      How does COVID-19 affect dogs, cats, and other animals? Tufts researchers want your help finding the answer lol竞猜官网

      How does COVID-19 affect dogs, cats, and other animals? Cummings School Professor Jonathan Runstadler talked to 7News – WHDH Boston about how pet and livestock owners can help Tufts researchers find the answer.

      Two New York cats test positive for coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know 关于 the virus and animals. lol竞猜官网

      After two pet cats in New York tested positive for coronavirus, Professor Jonathan Runstadler talked to The Washington Post about what is known about the virus and animals—and his lab’s research to learn more.

      Pet Stress Has Increased During COVID-19, Bringing Behavior Problems lol竞猜官网

      Veterinary behaviorist Stephanie Borns-Weil discusses why the new stay-at-home normal is hard on cats and dogs—and shares tips for fostering healthy behaviors for us all.

      Local study to look for coronavirus in pets lol竞猜官网

      Professor Jonathan Runstadler talked to WCVB Boston about Cummings School’s new study looking for the novel coronavirus in pets.


      About Cummings School lol竞猜官网

      Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is the only veterinary school in New England. Our progressive academic programs, high-quality clinical care services, and original research has brought Tufts University national and worldwide acclaim.   We offer a four-year professional Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree programthree combined DVM/Masters of Science degree programs, and four stand-alone graduate programs. Furthermore, our distinctive One Health programs focused on infectious disease research, comparative oncology, international medicine, wildlife, conservation medicine and human-animal interactions – help us educate a new breed of One Health graduates.

      From the Deanlol竞猜官网

      Welcome to Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, New England’s only veterinary school. Whether you are a potential student, an animal owner who needs veterinary services, a potential faculty or staff member, or a member of the public with a passion for animals, we hope you find what you need at Cummings School.

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      Cummings Veterinary Medical Center
      at Tufts University

      Comprised of our seven academic teaching hospitals and clinics Cummings Veterinary Medical Center offers our patients an opportunity to receive high-caliber, advanced and specialty veterinary care while providing our students a rich clinical learning environment.

      Cummings Veterinary Medical Center specialists pair expertise with a human touch. The only academic center in New England, our faculty, students and staff translate cutting-edge science into advanced veterinary care that goes beyond healing the patient to embracing and tending to the entire family.

      Veterinary Teaching Hospitals Update: Emergency & Essential Cases Only. Call Ahead. 阅读 更多

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