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chubby cheeks!

There are few things in this world that I love more than a good set of chubby cheeks (on a baby that is).  This little guy fits that bill :)  He makes me smile so much… how could you not love him?  He is a complete sweetheart too.  I’ve been around him quite a bit over the past three months and have yet to hear him fuss or make a peep.  I can’t wait to watch him grow up over the next year!

We met at the orange grove because his 3 month birthday happens to fall during orange season.  We had fun in the grove… orange trees catch such beautiful light.

Here are just a few of my favorites from our session:

Blog_RecentSessions005Blog_RecentSessions006Blog_RecentSessions007And we can’t forget these two!  I can’t believe how quickly the years are passing.

Blog_RecentSessions008                                                                                                                                                                                                    ^  (future model in the making)


And last but not least, as I was photographing their baby brother these two posed themselves!!  Could you not die?  How cute are they?


Gorgeous family

After much silence on the blog, it’s time to dust the cobwebs off.  I don’t like to spill secrets during the holiday season… everyone wants their card to be a surprise (myself included), and that prevents me from putting anything online.  Plus when you are insanely busy, it’s nice to not have the distraction of facebook, etc to suck your time away.  This is a great session to get me back in the swing of things for my blog.  I hope to be a little more regular at blogging in 2015… and I hope to share some more of my own life.  We shall see though.

I have loved watching this beautiful little girl grow up.  The first time I photographed her was for her first birthday.  She was a beautiful baby then, and now she is a beautiful little girl.  We braved an exceptionally chilly day for our photo session, but I think it was well worth it.  I can brave the cold for perfect light (I know I’m not the one shivering in a strapless dress, but I think everyone’s on the same page!)  I loved loved loved their outfits… especially against the muted colors of a field during the winter in Florida.  We had fun taking breaks to warm up and singing Taylor Swift songs.  It was such a fun session, especially getting to catch up with these three.  Here are just a few of my favorites from our session.



6 month old Cutie

I know I say this a lot, but 6 months – 9 months is one of my favorite ages to shoot.  I just love a chubby, happy baby.  I love the interaction they have with me and the camera.  I love a mommy-baby snuggle.  I just melt every time.

This little cutie pie was SO much fun to be around.  Her smile is so contagious, and she was very generous with her smiles and sweet expressions.  She was so happy and content, even with lots of outfit changes/moving her around/etc.  I loved getting to visit with her sweet momma as well.  It’s mornings like this one that make me just LOVE this job.

I just love everything about this baby and her pictures.  Her beautiful blue eyes just amaze me.  She is gorgeous just like her mommy.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Last but not least, one of my favorites:


Beautiful 1 Year Old

It’s very hard to believe that a whole year has passed since I first met this little girl.  I’m sure her parents would agree!  She was an beautiful baby and is an equally adorable and beautiful 1 year old.  I loved spending some time with her and watching her explore.  She is on the move, and is so curious about everything!  I just love this age… you can just see their little minds working.  She loves being outside, and I don’t blame her… the weather is perfect in Florida this time of year.   We had so much fun playing in her backyard… here are just a few of my favorite images from our session!  Happy 1st Birthday !




Beautiful Sisters

I loved seeing this beautiful girl for her 2 year old photo session.  I first met her for 1 year photos…. I can’t believe a whole year has passed!  She is just as beautiful and adorable as she was a year ago, and now she has an equally beautiful and adorable baby sister.  I loved capturing each of them individually, and especially loved the sister photos!  Here are a few of my favorites.Blog_E2Year001Blog_E2Year002Blog_E2Year003Blog_E2Year004Blog_E2Year005