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      lol外围网站 NFU President Minette Batters and NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts ran the 2019 London Marathon for Farm Africa.

      Farmers around the world face similar challenges in different contexts and Farm Africa is delighted that the UK farming sector demonstrates a strong willingness to support their counterparts in eastern Africa.

      Through company fundraising, challenge events and international challenges, farmers in the UK have raised significant funds to help African farmers boost their harvests and income. Through a mutual love of farming, the industry is playing a significant role in helping smallholder farmers to grow more, sell more and sell for more, while protecting the environment for years to come.

      NFU President Minette Batters and Vice President Stuart Roberts were among a team of farmers who ran the 2019 London Marathon for Farm Africa's Coffee is Life appeal. Meet the team:

      Minette Batterslol竞猜官网


      "Running for Farm Africa is about running for a reason; I’ve seen some of the truly amazing work that Farm Africa do and it deserves our support. I think Farm Africa is an outstanding charity. It’s not about money, it’s about transforming lives, because you give farmers the tools to build a business."

      Sponsor Minette

      Stuart Robertslol竞猜官网


      "I’m a big supporter of Farm Africa because they enable people to develop businesses, to learn new skills, so they can support themselves and their local communities."

      Sponsor Stuart

      Adam Bedfordlol竞猜官网


      "I have visited Farm Africa projects before in Tanzania and Kenya and I have seen at first hand the way that the charity genuinely changes lives."

      Sponsor Adam

      Will Evanslol竞猜官网


      "When I see the work that Farm Africa are doing to give fellow farmers a chance to improve their lives and the future for the children, it makes me very proud to be involved in a small way."

      Sponsor Will

      Martin Rogerslol竞猜官网


      "Love what Farm Africa stands for and its work both on increasing the independence and resilience of rural Africa communities as well as working to preserve vital natural ecosystems in the region."

      Sponsor Martin
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